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Boot Camp Connect has taught me to be a better father, a better son, and a better husband.  My goal today is to live a life acceptable to God.  The steady influence of Boot Camp helps me in reaching that goal. I have been able to apply the principles learned in Boot Camp to my personal, professional, and spiritual life. My addiction to drugs and the subsequent recovery left me with a sense of passion, purpose, and a need to help others. I have awareness about myself which I can only attribute to God’s calling on my life. I am currently attending college to receive my Bachelor’s Degree in order to assist others with addiction issues. My skills as a Peer Mentor at Hoosier Veterans Assistance Foundation (HVAF) have been greatly enhanced when working with fellow veterans by the principles taught at Boot Camp.  Boot Camp Is Not An Event, It’s A Lifestyle!

James Miller


Boot Camp came into my life at a time when I needed major direction.  I honestly did not know what being a man was supposed to look like.  Boot Camp has taught me how to be a leader and how to win in my private, personal, public, and professional life.  It has taught me that God has to be first in every facet of life.  Lastly, it has given me a place where I can be transparent and express what I am going through as a man.    

Ryan N. Miller


Since attending my 1st Bootcamp in October of 2006 I  have grown tremendously, I'm a 14 year veteran of Bootcamp and it has not only grown me, it has been an essential part of my life, helping me to grow other brothers in and out of Bootcamp. The camaraderie of the camp has grown from 40 men in 2006 to countrywide in 2019. Not just myself but countless men share and testify how the camp saved our lives and has maintained our spiritual walk by the principles gained and developing a closer walk with the Lord. Bootcamp is not just a good model for men it should be the main model for men.

Terry Moncrief

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Small Change: Great Impact! was written to encourage a small change in the lives of men that, with the Holy Spirit’s help, will have a great impact. If we men would just make a small investment in our spiritual lives, God will give us a great dividend in return.  Contact us at for your copy today! 

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